iPhone Popular in China Despite High Price

In China, iPhone’s are more expensive than local brands and Apple is also asked to follow China’s strict regulations of data storage and information sharing. However, Apple doesn’t totally accept the privacy policy of Chinese central government. The Chinese government, therefore, prefer supporting local mobile companies compared to Apple. According to the “2016 H1 Mobile information industry report” by Toutiao, there are 75% users using android system and nearly 25% users using iOS. In the “2016 Q3 Marketing index report” by App Annie, the revenue of iOS App Store in China has already exceeded that in America and become the highest in the world. It can be seen that numerous Chinese users still think iPhone is much cooler. As the Chinese saying goes, these people tend to worship and have blind faith in foreign things.


IOS users’ preferences are just opposite to that of Android users

Startup companies in China are rapidly expanding and content business is one of the hottest models. Chinese content platform Toutiao(China media) has 74 million daily active users and 138 million monthly active users. They describe it as the biggest news App around the world. Toutiao published the ”2016 H1 Mobile information industry report” based on the data of 530 million users. The report showed that 75% of users use the Android system and nearly 25% users use iOS. The two groups of users seem to have somewhat different or arguably opposite preferences. The preference of Android users from high to low is the military, finance, entertainment, technology, and games sectors while for iOS users its games, technology, entertainment, finance, and military. Age stratification research suggests that Apple fans are comparably younger and expected to be the major consumers in the future. Consequently, they have favourable interests in games, technologies, and entertainment.


A new breakthrough has been made in types of media

As for types of media, the popularity ranking is video, picture, followed by text. In 2016, the viewing rate of videos has increased by 160% from 10.2 billion in January to 26.6 billion in June. Picture messaging has seen 150% growth from 3.4 billion in January to 8.5 billion in June. Contrarily, pure text information only has merely 43% growth.


Netizens’ favorite is the entertainment gossip

The main topic that occupies people’s interest is the entertainment gossip (54%). This demonstrates that people like following entertainment news, especially stars in the T.V industry, hence the high percentage. Health rates highly, because information about diseases and preserving your health is important to people. Users who focus on cars information are likely to be car owners or enthusiasts who have more interest in Chinese, German or Japanese car brands. Fashion will always be popular with many users because of societies intrigue into the latest trends or celebrities dress. Media personnel make up most of the users paying attention to this type of information.


The proportion of game enthusiasts is the lowest, yet they have the highest loyalty

Modern military strategies and technologies catch many people’s attention and hence the interest in this area. Finance followers consists mainly of middle aged and elderly people who enjoy reading economics, life events, and entrepreneurial’ news. However, they may not be as accustomed to mobile reading. Mobile phones and the internet from both modern and older medias are the most popular forms of the technical content. Basketball and football attract most of the sports fans and practitioners. Students and their parents are the majority of the group caring about general education and the information on entrance exams is the most attracting. Comparing to the above groups, the proportion of game enthusiasts is the lowest yet they mainly focus on these contents especially for online games. Toutiao also states that it may not be easy to find information about health, finance, and education on the internet.

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