App Combining Running and Dating Creates Huge Business Opportunities

Running can be relaxing however in order to maintain a regular running routine it is easier to run with friends to give us that extra motivation and satisfaction of completing the runs. Most sport apps on the market provide a variety of functions such as; recording running times/distances and can even be set up with customized coaches. You can even share your running history with your friends and compete with your friends in competitions on the app. Recently, there are some apps combining running with dating. These apps match runners with similar goals so that they can motivate each other. The combination of running and dating makes exercise more fun.


Online Social Market in China Reaches US$1.6 Billion

Between 2010 to 2015 three dating apps were ranked in the top ten most profitable apps from the app store. According to the report by iResearch, the online dating market in China hit about US$1.6 Billion. A similar trend is emerging in India too with online dating apps becoming more popular. There are 1.2 billion people in India which creating a huge market for these types of business opportunities. The online dating site i-Part from Taiwan was released in 2003 and turned into profit in 2011. In 2013, it became a listed company which is the third internet company in Taiwan that issued IPOs.


Fitness Apps are Expected to Grow by 63 Percent Globally

The business opportunities for fitness apps looks very promising. Statistics from IHS Electronics and Media indicate that the number of installations of fitness apps in 2012 was US$156 Million and has grown to US$248 Million in 2017, a rise of 63%. The market research firm Flurry showed that the accessibility of fitness apps in the online market has sharply increased in recent years.


Apps Incorporating Sport with Dating Become Popular

Apps integrating sports with dating are finding new business opportunities in the online market. The app company Sanmi located in Shandong found that the number of active users and success rate vary among different type of fitness apps. Sport apps incorporated with dating have been found to have more active users and sustainable growth. Flurry also concluded that fitness apps are surpassed only by apps relevant to weather and news in the iOS and Android app stores. These apps are being utilised more in Android than in iOS.


Apps Incorporating Running with Dating Can help avoid dating clichés

Combining exercise and dating enables people to not be instantly judged by their age or appearance. The app RUNNii developed by a Taiwanese company, only open the chat room after the user starts running. Once the GPS based running distances are recorded the user can find their buddy or be found by others. To find one’s buddy, RUNNii offers a choice of five available candidates based on the matching criteria. They can also be matched and chosen after completing a five-day goal. Nowadays being single is not an excuse for not exercising; people can meet potential buddies by using RUNNii.


Want to Chat with Others? Start Running!

Users are encouraged to exercise once they have invited by another user on the app. Running apps such as Nike Running allow users to compete with friend in the same location or at the same time, which is a bit limiting. In contrast, users can invite anyone in RUNNii and start chatting once the running starts. RUNNii provides a user interface for interaction between runners. Latest progress of running schedules of the matched runners is displayed on the screen. The result of each run is recorded and delivered to another runner by a short message and users can reply to the message by emoji, photos or texts. Users who haven’t started running have no choice but to start immediately or leave the group. RUNNii provides the platform for mutual encouragement between runners and make the runner get into the habit of running regularly. Users can also share their results with other users easily on the platform. To conclude RUNNii enables runners to gain a deeper understanding of each other if possible and also gain the benefits of regular exercise

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