Don’t Underestimate the Pet Economy

Global Industry Analysts forecasted that foods market scale for pets will go up to 9.75B USD. Raising pets in the occidental world has been in place for years. On average, an American family keeps two pets. On the other hand, pet owners in Asia have increased in recent years. Businessmen take notice of the business opportunities of “Pet Economy” and develop interactive pet games, remote pet feeders, social community APP and platform which animates pets and share the result, etc. These are created to meet all kinds of demand for pet owners


“Pet Economy” is flourishing in China, Japan, and Taiwan

Pet related industries have ranked seventh of all the industries in the United States. On the other hand, pet economies are also flourishing in Asia. Pet market of China is growing at a speed of over 10% every year. In Taiwan, each family who has pets spends average 1000 to 3000 NTD every month. The estimated business opportunities are 50 billion dollars, which is second to Japan in Asia.


An interactive pet feeding machine allow owners to remotely play and feed their children

By feeling optimistic about the business opportunities of “Pet Economy”, Acer launched Pawbo+ that can interact, train and play games with pets. It is functioned with interactive treating, filming, and a cat teaser. Owners can remotely watch furbabies’ every move by the mobile phone and interact with pets through the 130° wide-angle lens and 720p HD high-quality frames. A cat teaser on the device can be connected to play with pets remotely. Besides, owners can entertain their furbabies by manually or automatically controlling the light game. Furbabies could have fun and do the exercise during the game. Pawbo+ supports up to 8 people involved in the voice video simultaneously and treat pets by the tinkle remotely. The product was launched in September 2016.


Night vision to remotely comfort the pet

Tomofun launched a remote treat-tossing dog camera called Furbo. Tomofun is an international pet technology startup founded in 2014 by Victor Chang who is the son of Steve Chang, the chairman of the global software security company Trend Micro. With a concept inspired by modern dog lovers who miss their dog even when they are in the office or go to somewhere far away, Furbo is thus launched for owners to see and feed their dog through the APP. Owners can feed their dog by clicking on the screen to make Furbo toss treats to their dog and see their dog at night through the infrared ray based night vision function. The APP sends a notification to the owner when the dog barks. Owners can talk to and comfort their loved ones through the microphone.


The social network APP for pets build the bridges within a marriage

My Talking Pet, which is launched in China, is the first social network APP worldwide that animate pets. All users need to do is taking a photo of the pet, recording voice of few sentences, and let the pet speak these words with the animated images. After posting the result to the specific social network platform, the APP automatically identifies the pet’s eyes along with the mouth. It combines and matches the recorded voice with the pet’s animated image. The pet is just like talking in its own way. The APP has attracted millions of users three months after it launched. The APP’s company also held a festive and interesting pets’ wedding. Owners involved in the touching time when their loved kids changed their love tokens, received a marriage certificate and start their following lives with each other.


The online community of pet videos has 200 thousand members after six months of operation

Similarly, there is an online community of pet videos called Pamily in Taiwan. After filming and airbrushing such as attaching stickers and background music, the video is then uploaded for interaction with other owners. Besides, Pamily is able to identify the breed of the pet via computer vision techniques and offer the experiences of raising the pet to owners having the same breed of pets. There are 200 thousand registrations after six months of operation


Substantial business opportunities of pets in Asia covers the necessities of pet’s daily life

The business opportunities of pets are of high potential including all the necessities of pet’s life. In Asia, Pet massage classes have been launched in recent years. Japanese veterinarians have been to Taiwan and holding the pet massage classes to teach pet owners how to do health massage for their loved ones. Additionally, diet, boutique hotel, medical care, clothing and funeral and even plastic surgery for pets in the western country are full of endless opportunities.


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