BlackBerry Leads Its Market in Indonesia

Asian countries have diverse tools for instant messages on mobile phones. China uses WeChat for internet censorship regulation. Korea is patriotic to use their own Kakao and Japan prefers  their own LINE. Why does Indonesia still use BlackBerry? Which seems like last generation as a communications tool?

The BlackBerry communications application, BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), became the top ranking free download iOS app in Indonesia. Even liking as whatsApp, Line and Messenger and other well-known communications applications are more popular at other countries. BBM still occupy high percentage user there.

The BlackBerry BBM was the initialized from 2005 which was the first communications applications at that time, but the application only supported for BlackBerry. By 2010, the blackberry market share had shrunk and the BlackBerry market share dropped sharply. It forced BlackBerry also launched iOS and Android version of the BBM application from 2013.

Similar to other communication applications, the BlackBerry BBM can not only chat text, but also from 2014 onwards, BBM also added voice chat. The latest news shows that the BlackBerry is still testing for the BBM video chat function, is currently only available in the United States and Canada, but in July this year, when the video chat function will cover BBM other parts of the world’s users.

In January, Blackberry announced that more than 55 million of the 250 million active users of the BlackBerry BBM, from Indonesia, have made Indonesia the largest market in BBM in Asia. The data show that WhatsApp and Messenger at the same market share in Indonesia and active users are about 50 million. The fourth ranking is line which has 30 million users.

Despite being one of the largest economies in Southeast Asia, Indonesia’s communications network is not well-developed. Before 2010, because of it is convenience also security reason.

The BlackBerry mobile phone market share have occupied up to 43%. Although it has dramatically decreased for 14 % from year of 2011. But user already get used to BBM as instant message tool. So mobile phone manufactory default it as standard app also make the BBM still popular even blackberry mobile phone market shrank.

Mr. Matthew Talbot, BlackBerry vice president ,said they will develop BBM multi-function for collaboration, e-commerce, advertisement as WeChat business model. It looks liking the BlackBerry try to remain his leading position at Indonesia by imitating what WeChat do at China market.